Our Outdoor/Window LED Signs

Most Reliable Outdoor/Window LED Signs in the Market!

Easy to Work With 

Remote Programming

With it’s 200-foot range remote control, crafting the perfect message couldn’t be easier. Make corrections and alterations on the fly from across the street, in your car, or relaxing at your desk. Plus, you get a full keyboard QWERTY remote standard or upgrade to our software controlled system.

Easy to Use Software

It’s software takes the pain and frustration out of programming your message. Where most sign software is an exercise in patience, VERSA makes it easy and even fun to craft your next killer sales message.

Quick Installation

It’s flexible mounting system lets you display your message wherever it’s most effective—hanging in your window, mounted on a wall, or even put it outside, it’s up to you. Plus, installation couldn’t be simpler. Hang it up, plug it in, and you’re ready to go!

Built to Last

Mean Well Power Supply

From the top power supply maker in the world, to power one of the best LED signs in the world.

Samsung CPU

The workhorse that keeps everything running smoothly—and quickly.

Mean Well Power Supply

From the top power supply maker in the world, to power one of the best LED signs in the world.

1/4 Duty Module

Keeps it bright and visible at all hours, even high noon.

Polycarbonate Grill

The ultimate in strength and heat resistance.

Extended Receiving Sensor

Lets you update your sign remotely (and quickly).

Silicon Coating

Insulates and protects your LEDs from the elements so you can use it indoor or outdoor.

Easy Installation

You have better things to do than spending all day setting up a sign—like bringing in more customers.

Light Weight Everything

Cabinet, electronics, LEDs—because nobody wants a beached whale hanging in their window.

Options to Fit Any Budget

Choose From 30, 26, 20, 15 MM

The smaller the number, the higher the resolution. Bigger pitch is better for further viewing distance, while small pitch is great for when customers get up close and personal with your sales message..

Choose 1 Row or 2 Row

Sometimes your message needs a little more oomph, and an extra LED line is a great way to pack in the value and double the size of your indoor LED sign.

Choose Tri color combination from the sample

Monochrome is great, tricolor is fantastic, and full color is…well, mind-blowing. See for yourself and choose from a variety of options to perfectly fit the needs of your business.

Reasons You’re Going To Love Our LED

Brighter than Other Modules

Built in Water Proof

Moving Messages, Images, and Effects

Easily Change Scroll Speeds


Easy to Install (DIY)

10 Levels of Brightness

110 Volt Standard Electric Outlet

Messages in Single or Double Lines

38 Character Functions, 32 Effects

Over 300 Stored Images and Animations

3 Year Warranty and Free Tech Support


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