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We stand behind the quality of our signs but...

We offers the best service in this industry, whether it’s handling shipping damage, warranty related issues, or overall customer service.  For example, if you need warranty work, we pay for the shipping costs (so long as you assist us with emailing photos, answering questions, etc).

We are very strict regarding refunds or returns

Why is the return and refunds policy strict?

    • The shipping costs for LED signs are high.  Shipping companies charge for large boxes by their “dimensional weight”, and so, small signs typically cost $20 to ship one way…that’s a total of $40 if we ship an item and it’s returned. For our large outdoor programmable signs, our shipping costs are as much as $350 each way.
    • Most returns are requested for issues that we cannot control. 
      Typical return reasons include:

      • tinted windows. Window tint is designed to block out the SUN. No sign, of any type, from any retailer, will be easy to see through tinted windows.  If the tint is an applied film, you can cut out the portion in front of the sign with a razor blade.
      • Unauthorized activity.  “My spouse, business partner, employee, etc, purchased the sign without my consent”
      • The sign doesn’t fit in my window.  Dimensions of the signs are on the product page, however, small nuances, like allowing room for the pullchain area mean that YOU NEED TO CONTACT US IF YOUR WINDOW SIZE IS VERY CLOSE TO THE SIGN SIZE….BEFORE PURCHASING. We’re happy to answer any questions about fitment before your purchase.
      • The sign arrived with shipping damage, and the buyer is in a hurry.  BrightLEDSigns will repair (in rare cases…replace) signs that were damaged by the shipping company.  That said, we will not offer a refund.  If a sign is required for a time sensitive event, the buyer knows that shipping damage is a possibility, and should plan accordingly.
  • Nobody wants a “used” sign. Signs that have been returned cannot be sold as new. We have to sell them as “open box” or “clearance” signs at a fraction of the cost of a new sign.   Combine this with the outbound and return shipping costs, and there’s very little value left.At a high level, refunds and returns can be very costly and time consuming. Some retailers inflate their prices to compensate for these costs. We do not. Our prices are low, and fair, because we focus our efforts on producing a quality, low cost product with a solid warranty.

Are there exceptions?

There are, but it’s very rare. Typically, only when the issue is squarely our fault, and something we could have done better.

What happens if my sign isn't working right?

  • If your sign isn’t working properly, we’ll repair it (or, in rare cases, replace it), if the sign is within the 1 year warranty period.
  • If the sign is working properly, but you don’t like it for some other reason, you can contact us to see if there’s something we can do. We’re more likely to help you if you are polite and reasonable.  We will not, however, refund a sign for an issue that was not under our control.
  • You can request warranty work here.

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