One Year Warranty

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Warranty ( Damage in Shipping )

If you notify us within 4 business days of shipment arrival, we will repair any shipping damage.

Because we sell a large number of different products, many of these signs are made to order. Because of this, the fix for shipping damage is almost always repairing your sign. In some rare cases, we will ship a new sign, but that’s very rare. We usually repair the sign quickly (1-3 business days)…however, there is the ground shipping time, both directions.

We do need your assistance, specifically with troubleshooting. We may need you to email us photos, answer questions, or perform a few troubleshooting steps. If you are unable to help with these tasks, we may be unable to help you get the damage repaired.

What if i don't have the original shipping boxes?

You must have the original boxes, which includes an inner box, and foam packing, inside of a larger outer box. If you do not have the original packaging, it’s quite expensive to ship you an empty box, because shippers charge by the package size, not it’s weight. The cost is not practical. Thus, you’ll have to package the item yourself, and cover the costs of shipping and especially, insurance….we will not cover damage that occurs when the signs are not in the original packaging.

What if i report shipping damage more than 4 business days after the item arrives?

When shipping damage is reported late, it is virtually impossible to recoup costs from the shipping companies (UPS/Fedex). If you are reporting shipping damage more than 4 business days, but less than 9 business days after the package arrives, we’ll work with you and cover some portion of the costs. However, If the shipping damage is reported more than 9 business after the arrival, we will not cover any of the costs for repair or return shipping.

Warranty ( 1 Year Warranty )

Our one year warranty covers almost any situation other than accidental breakage or misuse. Unlike other retailers, we even cover the shipping costs, both ways, during the 1 year warranty period….provided you provide assistance with troubleshooting. That assitance may include the following tasks: answering questions, emailing us pictures of the damage, and performing some basic troubleshooting steps. If you are unable to assist us with these steps, we will be unable to help you. Please note that you must also have the original boxes (inner box, foam packing, and the outer box).

Warranty on programmable led signs

As with every supplier of programmable LED signs, a single dead pixel is not covered under the warranty.

INDOOR and WINDOWFRONT SIGNS: We will repair dead pixels if the total number of dead pixels exceeds 0.5% (one half of one percent) of the pixels on the sign. For example, a 7 pixel by 80 sign has 560 pixels. We will repair the dead pixels once there are at least 3 dead pixels.

OUTDOOR SIGNS: Our Outdoor programmable signs are made from modules that are 16 pixels high X 16 pixels wide. Each module has 256 pixels. If any single module has 3 or more dead pixels, we will repair the module during the warranty period.

For defective power supplies, we will send replacements once the defective power supply is received at our repair facility. If you cannot secure a licensed electrician to remove and replace the power supply, we can repair the sign at our facilities, but you will be responsible for shipping costs both ways.

What if my sign is out of warranty, and has an issue? Can you help me?

Yes, we can certainly assist, but you would have to coiver the costs of shipping, both ways…as well as a reasonable fee for labor and parts. In many cases, the shipping costs along make it more attractive to have the sign repaired locally. Contact us, and we’ll help you find your best options.

Why can't you just send me a new sign?

In most cases, under the warranty, we repair signs….we do not replace them. This is the case with almost every seller of LED signs. If the warranty were an unconditional replacement, the original price would have to be much higher. The discount nature of our business does not allow for replacement product.

What types of things are not covered in the one year warranty?

In general, the only things not covered are accidental breakage and misuse. The most common form of misuse is using an indoor or windowfront sign outdoors. The warranty is null and void if you use an indoor or windowfront sign outdoors. Misuse also includes plugging in the wrong power adapter (like perhaps from a laptop computer) into the sign. Plugging in the wrong power adapter can cause unrepairable damage.

What if i don't have my original boxes and packaging?

If you do not have your original packaging, it’s too expensive to ship you an empty box, because shippers charge by the package size, not the weight. You will have to pack the item in your own packaging, and pay for shipping and insurance both ways. Be sure not to forgot the insurance. We will not cover any damage for items shipped without the original packaging.


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