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What kind of software do we use to program the sign?

All of that is covered on the below section ( Updated Manuals and Software: Single Line Signs ) It has manuals for both IR control and PC operation.

Does it support numbers?

Yes, you can program the sign to display numbers.

Can the software run on a apple computer?

No, the sign requires a Windows PC.

Does this sign have a regular electric plug?

Yes, it does have a normal, 3-prong, grounded electrical plug. Most city codes, however, would require that a licensed electrician remove that plug and hard wire the sign to an outdoor rated junction box with an emergency cut off switch.

*This apply on Window/Outdoor models.

How far away can you be from Outdoor sign and still read it?

We use a very conservative estimate for distance visibility…1 inch of letter height provides for 10 feet of “great” visibility, and 20 feet of “good” visibility. If you use one line of text, the letter height on this sign is approximately 12 inches, which is very readable at 120 feet, and technically readable out to 240 feet.

*This apply on Window/Outdoor models.

How do you program this sign?

It is programmed using a IR remote, or also with the included Microsoft Windows compatible software. 

How does this connect to the computer - usb or serial connection? Let me know!.

Technically, the sign itself uses an RS/232 serial connection, but we supply the sign with a USB to Serial converter. So, you can either connect the sign directly to a computer’s serial port, or you can use the USB to serial cable coupled with the RS232 cable.

I want to upgrade to the double-sided option. How would I install the sign?

We build the double-sided signs as independent units, with a data cable between the two. The cable is two feet long…you can either mount your signs flush together, or separate them by up to two feet. Each individual sign mounts on it’s own, with the standard wall-mount bracket set.

Note: The double-sided upgrade is an extra cost option.

*This apply on Window/Outdoor models.

Why 12"x40" is sign more expensive than the larger 15"x40" sign?

While the 15″x40″ sign is technically a bit larger, it has fewer LEDS, and fits fewer words on the sign at once. The 12″x40″ sign has a 15mm pitch, meaning that the LEDS on the sign are 15mm apart. Our 15″ high sign have a 20mm pitch. The 12″x40″ sign is 16 pixels high by 64 pixels wide, and can display 8 characters at once. The 15″x40″ sign, while larger, is 16 pixels high by 48 pixels wide, and can display 6 characters at once.

*This apply on Window/Outdoor models.

If I pay for the PC programming option, how hard are these to program?

There is a bit of network setup with either the wired ethernet, or wifi option. This usually goes more smoothly if you have someone in your business that knows PC networking. The software itself runs on Windows and is relatively easy to use. There are some features that require a bit of trial and error to understand. That said, once a customer is up and running, they are usually just updating existing messages, which is very straightforward.

*This apply on Window/Outdoor models.

Updated Manuals and Software: Single Line Signs

Are you using Windows Vista?

Be sure to “right click” and “run as Administrator” both when installing and using the software. Microsoft’s Windows Vista often restricts access to the serial ports.

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